June 2013

Interest in Music

My kids shows interest in music as early as now. Cate who is 2 years old and Hans who is 1. Yes they love to sing and dance and play some toy instruments. They love the drums, guitar and the piano. I am thinking to buy vht amps at guitar center but I think it is too early as they wouldn’t know how to use real instruments. In the coming years when they grow up for sure we need to get them real ones and that very nice amps that we saw at guitar center. And I cannot wait for that time for them to play their instruments for us. That’ll be awesome right?

Hello Wednesday!

Half of the week already! yey! I cannot wait for weekend!

Weekend for us means family time and I love family time! Spending time together makes me really happy. I wish it is weekend everyday so we can bond and be with each other but I can’t Life is just like that. Oh well!

I must plan on what to do this weekend. I need to go to the mall amd let my kids play at their favorite playground. Will ask hubby about that.

The Cymbal

I got my kids a toy drum last week. It was on sale so I got it right away. But what surprises me is that they love the cymbal more than the drum itself! I should have gotten the cymbal instead. hahahaha! These two are so into music instruments nowadays. I am sure in the future I will be searching for the sabian at musicians friend site. They love musical instruments more than any other toys. I guess I am raising two future musicians eh?

Summer is Over

Now that summer is over I am thinking of other things that the kids can do. They get bored easily so I need to get more ideas on how to entertain them. I must open my pinterest to get some ideas. Will do that later. I need to take some notes. I hope to get more so I will have plan B if plan A is unsuccessful. If you know any site in which I can get some ideas please do share. Thank you!

Beautiful Kitchen


My friend posted a photo of her and her son in their new kitchen at their new house. They have the grand kitchenaid kgrs505xss. Wow that was my ultimate dream stove! I am sure she will make a lot of yummy dishes in that kitchen. Who won’t be inspired to cook in that wide spacious kitchen with all the beautiful kitchen set and cook wares? I wish to have a kitchen like that someday. Ok yes I envy her a lot!

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