October 2013

Reformatting Mom’s Laptop

Mom was asking me last week to reformat her laptop because it has a virus. I told her to try the ESET anti virus but she doesn’t know techy stuff so I just told her to bring the laptop to me and I will check it. But I was too lazy to get another anti virus so I just went ahead and reformatted the laptop. And it was A ok now. Thank God! Mom was very happy.

Buko Pandan Ice Cream

I am not a fan of this flavor so I only eat a little if I was offered to eat Buko Pandan. But dad bought an ice cream with this flavor yesterday for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. The guests ate the other flavor so the Buko Pandan was left on the fridge. And after lunch earlier I am craving for something sweet and I saw the ice cream. Ok I said I will just eat a little but men it was so yummy! I got another cup! hahaha! Ok now I am a convert! I will eat buko pandan from now on. haha!

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