November 2013

Gift For My Manito/Manita

I am now listing my Christmas gift list for families as early as now. December is the most busiest month of the year so I need to do this early. I have a gift for the little ones including my nephews and nieces. We have this exchange gift at our family reunion and I am eyeing this Foam for my Manito/Manita. The one I got might need the acoustical soundproof foam as suggested by his friend but I am still looking for one right now. Or I will just give him/her something that is common like a wallet or something. Oh well, I still have a lot of time to think it over.

Thinking of Siomai

…right now.


I wanna eat siomai which my friend makes. I super love her siomai. I order every time there is an occasion and sometimes even if there isn’t. I just eat it for meryenda or for lunch. I am not a siomai lover before but after I tasted the one that my friend makes, I instantly fell in love with it. I can now say that I am a siomai addict! LOL!

Give that Mic!

During our Karaoke Nights last week, Cate went to me and asked if she can hold the other microphome. And I was in shock as she is not the type who will sing in front of many people. So I said she can and guess what she just played with the mic and handed me again. I guess the shyness isn't over for my little girl. LOL!

An Invitation

My friend emailed me the other day. She was asking me to go with her because she is having new born to sing at guitar center. But I refused as I am too busy right now. It will be a good day to bond with her though. But there will always be next time. And I am so excited for that to come. I hope she is still game next time. Fingers crossed!

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