December 2013

The Christmas Spirit

There a lot of Christmas concerts happening this month for the benefit of the typhoon victims. And I salute them for doing that. The victims need all the help they can get right now. The musicians are helping them to at least ease the pain of losing everything. And to have a Merry Christmas. I offered prayers and donated some relief last month. And I hope it will at least help them. This Christmas my wish is that the people in Visayas will have more strength in the coming days specially at Christmas. Hugs to you all!
Anyways, I will continue my gift hunting now. I should get that classic uad at musicians friend that I saw the other day for my love ones. Off to take a look!

A Gigantic Cookie


On our way home we dropped by Starbucks to buy some coffee. Hans picked that big cookie all for himself. He almost finished that one! He loves to eat I tell you. He loves food. I am so glad that he was like that. healthy and such a cute little boy. I love you Hans!

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