February 2008

PhotoHunt: Wooden

This wooden basket is from a give away mom got last year. I asked mom if I can have it to put my fruits on it and she said ok. I love this basket a lot! And my fruits are so cute there. hihiihih!


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New LO's

Here are my New LO’s. I forgot to share this with you all. TFL!!!!

You can see the credits here.

Carolina Land for SALE!

Are you looking for a land to buy over at North Carolina? Then you can check out the North Carolina land for sale site. They have the place that you are looking for and I am sure you'll love it there. If given a chance I will surely live abroad but I chose to stay here where I grew up. I just love this place and my family is my weakness. I can't live them. I will not be comfortable living abroad if my family will be left here. Well, maybe if I can bring all of my family then why not! I love living near a store of my favorite hobby. It is my dream to at least be near the scrapbook heaven. LOL!

A New Faucet

I wanna get this Hansgrohe faucet that I saw last time while browsing on the net. Our faucet at the kitchen needs to be replaced because the bottom part is already damaged. The water kept on leaking under the sink. I told my husband about this and he said I can look for a new one and he will replace it when the new one arrives. He is such an all in one worker at home. He can fix everything at home. And I am glad he is like that. I am so lucky!

The Magnifier

I didn't know what a magnifier means when I saw my uncle use it to read the newspaper. So I got curious and get it and tried to read the newspaper also. The letters and pictures got so big and I laughed hard after using it. I enjoyed looking at the big letters and the pictures got clearer. That magnifier is so important to my uncle. He isn't comfortable with his eyeglasses so he uses the magnifier in reading his newspaper. Its true that he can read better than his eyeglasses with the magnifier. I just hope my eyes will never get that blurred when I will be old already.

New LOs

I made 3 new LOs. One is for my CT and the other two is for the SSD Challenge. I hope you’ll like it.

For the Pop Rocks #12 at SSD.

Baby’s Got Funk Kit by Micheline Martin
Color your own alpha: Pencil by Zoe Pearn
Torn Template by Jen Caputo

Font: FG Astrid

For the Scrap with the SugarBabes Challenge at SSD.

Fancy Pants Kit by Eve Recinella Designs
Color your own alpha: Pencil by Zoe Pearn
Font: CK Boutique, Mirror Thin

For the Cookie Decorating 101 #27 Challenge.

Quixotic Kit by Creative Confusion Designs
Funky-Bets by Zoe Pearn
Template by Aggie Aviso
Font: Enchanted

Need money ASAP!!!

My paypal withdrawal is not yet transferred to my Credit Card. It is so alarming not to get the money in 5 -7 days. They said in those days I will get the money already. Its been 16 days already. Gosh! I need my money!!!! Waaaahhh! I have friends also who's withdrawal was delayed and they said they badly need the money. That money is for their phone, electric and water bills and also for grocery shopping. That money on my paypal is also for that! I need to stock up my fridge or hubby will ask for something to eat only to find out that the fridge is empty. I will be such a bad wife if that will happen!

So I am thinking of applying for a payday loan right now. I just hope hubby will agree to this or else we won't have something to eat in a week! hahahahhaha! I think this payday loan is also good. I will tell this also to my friends whos paypal money got delayed. They need money too so this is our only way to survive.

Wish me luck on this one. I hope hubby will agree and I can get the money asap.

PhotoHunt: Heavy

Too Heavy Laundry! Gosh!


I talked to one of my friend last week and she said she wants me to join her in her business. But I said no thanks. I am happy with my situation right now. She is getting a franchise of those french fries like the one I saw at the mall. I know she can do it on her own. I am not just the kind of person for that. hiihihihih! I will surely visit her there and maybe help her a little bit and eat some of my favorite flavors. I just hope that this new business of her will hit at the mall.

Have Fun!

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Paypal Please!!!!

I am begging paypal to complete the transaction of my withdrawal from them. I need the money already! I withdrew my money from them last January 26th and they said it only takes 5-7 days to complete the transaction and until now my money is not yet on my EON account!!! GGGGrrrrrrrrr!!!! I hate paypal right now! They didn’t even inform me on why my money is not yet on my EON Card! There are a lot of case like this right now. Aggie, Tala, Eden and me are affected with this. I just hope that it won’t take this a year to complete! Waaahhhhh!!!

Update from paypal.

February 05, 2008 | 12:54PM a PHT

We are aware that users in certain countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, are currently unable to complete withdrawals to their Visa® credit, debit or prepaid cards. We are working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible so that you can access your funds. We hope to have this resolved in the next 72 hours and will let you know once we have more updates.

Thank you for your patience.

The PayPal Team

Here’s the link to the announcement.


I got a complete transaction to my withdrawal from paypal when I checked today, but my money is not yet on my EON Account. I just hope that tomorrow it is there already. Fingers crossed!

Adult Wipes

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Looking for a Fiber Cable this morning

Hubby woke me up this morning! He was asking me where I put his fiber cable. I said I don't know! And then I went back to sleep. He again woke me up asking me to help him find that fiber cable. He said he needs it asap. So I went out of bed and help him find that cable. I don't know why he needs it asap. Maybe he will send it to one of our bus who will pass by our house this morning. And so I found that cable he is trying to look for. It is at the back of our TV. After finding it I am not sleepy already and so I got up and cooked some breakfast.

Little Fashionista

My pretty little fashionista niece.

Strawberry Kisses kit by Tracy Ann Designs
Background Paper from Chocolate Kisses Kit by Tracy Ann Designs.
Music Frippery by Tracy Ann Designs.
And I Quote…Beauty by MandaBean
Sticky Scraps Alpha by Zoe Pearn
Bead Factory by Micheline Martin
Jeweled Blooms by Aja Abney
Card Board Overlay by Linda GB
Font: FG Astrid

Go Camping on Vacation

Ohhhh I can finally feel summer! The sun is finally out here in Bicol and it is time to plan a nice vacation this summer! I love to get a Pigeon Forge cabin rentals somewhere so that it will feel like we are on a camping. I love love love camping out! I remember when i was still in my elementary years I used to be a girl scout and we will go camping with my classmates and friends and then we will have a bonfire and we will just sit near it and chat all night about girly stuffs. I miss doing that so I need to plan this vacation well and have a blast!

Time is Important to Me

Time is very important to me when I was still studying. I don't want to be late from school. I even went to school 1 hour before the bell rang. So it is very important to me to be early and take note of the time back then. My dad one time gave me his used Rolex so that I won't bug him to buy me a new watch. But I don't want to use it because it is too bulky for me and it is for boys! I can't wear a watch like that! It won't compliment my girly outfit anyways. So I still bugged him and finally he gave in and bought me an new watch... a watch for girls.


I made this for my handsome nephew. I had fun creating this LO. At last nagamit ko na mga bago kong napamili na kits. hihiihihi! I super love that alpha by Zoe Pearn. Gamit na gamit ko sya.

Here’s my new LO.

Credits here.

Please leave me some love. Thanks a lot for viewing!

Need Help on your Business Loans?

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PhotoHunt: Narrow

This is the road going to our vacation last summer. After this very bad road there is a beautiful beach and a nice place to have a vacation... my grandparents house.

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