What's Up!

Did you know that I joined the Scrappinmoms Idol 2008? It is now on Week 6 and then after that it will be the Finals on Oct 4. We are all waiting for the announcement of the Top 10 right now. They are making us nervous!!! Well moving to the finals or not I am happy because I will go to Manila on Oct 4!!! Weeee!!! Thanks Honey for permitting me to go. I love you!

A lot are asking me why I have this addiction to scrapping. And they are telling me that my time are wasted in scrapbooking. They also ask me to get a job first. Even if I want to get into sales manager jobs and other jobs that I am qualified with, I am not that ready to take the plunge. I need to enjoy my life first. I really enjoy my life right now. I am earning and I love my hobbies! I never forget that I have a husband and I am a good wife to him (i hope!). So I don't care what people around me are saying as long as I am happy and my husband is happy.

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