September 2008

10 Firsts


First Best Friend:: Aleta Joy.
First Screenname:: dianeskie
First Pet Name:: I can't remember sorry!
First Piercing:: Ears
First Crush:: My elementary classmate. Forgot his name.
First CD:: Rivermaya I think
First School:: Saint John's Academy. Kinder.
First House Location:: Camalig, Albay
First Kiss:: Parents din sagot ko. Better safe na. hihihiih!
First Car:: Nissan

The Family with Asthma

Last night the house smelled bad! The gasoline is leaking on my brothers motorcycle and I am suffocating with the smell! Mom should get an air o swiss humidifiers now. All of us here are asthmatic and this house needs to be dust free all the time. I have never experienced asthma attack now but I have allergic rhinitis so having a clean air and clean house is important to me. I better start convincing mom that she badly need to get a humidifier. wish me luck!

Blog of the Day!

Yesterday this blog is the BLOG OF THE DAY at PPP!!!

See that face of mine? hihiihi!

I am happy that despite the fact that I am not getting a lot of opportunities there unlike before I am still happy to be blog of the day there! I gained traffic because of that. ahahhaha!

Thank you PPP for making me the Blog of the Day yesterday! i hope to get more opportunities to you soon! hihiihih!

What's Up!

Did you know that I joined the Scrappinmoms Idol 2008? It is now on Week 6 and then after that it will be the Finals on Oct 4. We are all waiting for the announcement of the Top 10 right now. They are making us nervous!!! Well moving to the finals or not I am happy because I will go to Manila on Oct 4!!! Weeee!!! Thanks Honey for permitting me to go. I love you!

A lot are asking me why I have this addiction to scrapping. And they are telling me that my time are wasted in scrapbooking. They also ask me to get a job first. Even if I want to get into sales manager jobs and other jobs that I am qualified with, I am not that ready to take the plunge. I need to enjoy my life first. I really enjoy my life right now. I am earning and I love my hobbies! I never forget that I have a husband and I am a good wife to him (i hope!). So I don't care what people around me are saying as long as I am happy and my husband is happy.

Why No Baby for Us Yet?

A lot of my friends and relatives are asking us why we don't make another baby. Well we really want to have another baby after Huey. It is so sad not to have a baby in the house you know. I also want to experience motherhood again. It is just that we haven't saved well for the baby. I want to secure him/her first. We are still paying for a lot of debts and hubby is still thinking to buy a bus, a new one. And I want to enjoy first my no baby moments. I know a lot of time will be allotted to babies. Hubby is ok with that also. He enjoys being like a single man again. hihiihi! I let him enjoy his life first.

Good Acne Treatment for my Sister

My sister is still using the acne treatment her dermatologists gave her. I adore her face right now unlike before that her face is covered with a lot of acne! I am glad that the medicine prescription of her derma is good. She has now a clean face. She got a very bad face because of stress in school. Now that she graduated I gave her advice that she should take care of her face because she might not meet her Mr. Right! ahhahahah!

Tag Train #3

PLAYERS: BUZZY ME | Digitally Diane

1. What is the closest green object? A ribbon.
2. If you were born the opposite sex, what would your parents name you? Hmmm... Derek Don maybe? My siblings names are all starts with the letter D and I guess that will be my name. hhiihih!
3. Do you want to have kids? Yep! I can't wait to have one again!
4. What is the brightest color you're wearing? Yellow
5. Who is the friend you have that you would never have expected to have? My husband's Ex. She is not really a close friend but I can call her a friend also. hihihi!
6. Who do you hate the most right now? No one.
7. What kind of car do you want? I want the Picanto. Small like me. hihiih!
8. What is your favorite video game? The Sims.
9. Do you like your dad? I don't like him... I love him! Love you dad!
10. Do you have any TV shows on DVD? Yah. I have the Desperate Housewives collection.
11. Are you wearing make-up? No.
12. Do you have a tattoo? None and I am not planning to have one.
13. Have you ever broken a pinata? Maybe when I was a kid.
14. What time is it right now? 10:20am.
15. Do you know how to draw? Yeah. I love to draw.
16. Who loves orange soda? My husband loves Royal Tru Orange.
17. Who did you last IM? My friend Honey.
18. Do you work a lot of hours? Yes maybe?
19. Where were you in the last 24 hours? Mom's house.
20. Who was the last person that called you? I can't remember. My phone is not with me.
21. Is there anything you regret? Nah!
22. Do you know where your family name originated from? I have no Idea!
23. Is there an animal that creeps you out? Cockroaches and Mouse!
24. What is your favorite color ON A CAR? Black!
25. Do you use digital or film cameras? Digital. I have the Nikon D80.
26. Do you own an iPod? No but I want to get one.
27. Have you ever been on a charter bus? Yup.
28. Do you like going to water parks? I love water parks!

Fatty Me!

I am getting crazy about my weight right now. My friends says I am not that fat and that I look ok. But it is me who want to be slimmer again. I don't know why. I am getting paranoid again! Every time I see my face in the mirror all I see is a fatty me! huhuhu! Do I need to take the plunge of taking diet pills? I am still thinking about it.

Close To You

You Are Equally Close to Your Friends and Family

Depending on the situation, you can feel closer to your friends or your family.

They each are valuable to you in their own ways, and you couldn't imagine living without either of them.

Your friends and family aren't ideal, but you're happy to have so many great people in your life.

At the end of the day, you're thankful for all your personal connections... flaws and all.

Weeee!!! I am happy that I am equally close to my family and friends.

What Makes me Busy?

I am blogging, twittering, online shopping, and browsing some scrapbook galleries to be inspired. Sigh! I have a lot of things to do! Tomorrow I will be out to get groceries and maybe a little shopping too! There will be power outage tomorrow at 8am until 4pm so I will be offline on that time. It will be a perfect time to spend my time with my husband and my family. I need to be out of this computer chair. I need to rest my eyes too!

Happy Weekend!!!

Peptic Ulcer

I remember my cousin who was still a nursing student was asking me a favor to research on Peptic Ulcer Disease. At first I was clueless on this subject. But when I came across a site about this I finally learned that this is a no joke disease. It needs to be cured immediately if you got the symptoms already. I printed what I got and gave to my cousin the following day. She needs it for her thesis. I am glad that somehow I got to help her in a simple way. She is now a nursing graduate and is ready to take the nursing board exam. I am so proud of her.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Still IN!

... to the Scrappinmoms Idol 2008 that is! I am so happy! It has been a very tough week. I thought I will be eliminated this week. But I am still lucky to be one of the participants. This coming weeks theme is another tough one. It is all about Balance and Symmetry on layout. I haven't fully understand this weeks theme and I don't want to think about it right now. I wanna enjoy my week end first and do my layout on Monday. Wish me luck ok?

Happy Weekend!!!

Dog Lover

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.

You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.

And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

I agree to this fun quiz's result. I am more a dog lover than a cat lover. I have allergic rhinitis and I am allergic to cats.

Looking Good

I was browsing the web for some top rated fat burners because I was desperate already to lose some weight. It will be only 4 weeks to go and Boracay here we come!!! I wanna look good before going there. I want my swim suit to fit my body! So that I will look good on pictures too right? I am really excited about this trip. It will be my first time in Boracay. Weeee!!! Will take lots of photos there!

New Gadget for Sis

My sister bought a new laptop courtesy of our dad. She kept on asking dad if he can buy her a new laptop. My sister is using my dad's laptop and one day dad said he will buy her a new laptop because she kept on using his laptop. And dad bought her a new one. It ha a 1 gb memory but she wants to have a 2GB so she needs to buy memory to upgrade her 1GB. She was so happy with her laptop.I know she will be very productive with that new gadget.

Contest Winners!!!

I forgot to draw the winners last night. I was too tired I went off to bed after I got home, so I was in a hurry to do it today. I have no one to do the drawing so I did it myself. Sorry for the no thrill drawing. Hubby is leaving for Baguio and as you all know I have no child. So no one will draw the winners except me.

Here are the winners:

Click the photo to view it larger.

Winner of $10.

The winner of $5.

The winners of scrapbook magazines as consolation prize. I picked 5 instead of 4.


To the winners of paypal money please send to me your paypal address. If you don have my email address you can reach me via the contact form on this blog. And to the winners of the scrapbook magazines, I will be sending them to you this week. Kindly send to me also your mailing addresses. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned because I will be having another contest next week for the first anniversary of A Handful of Surprises blog. Weeee!!!

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