Sleep Questions

Snagged from Alpha.

1. What time do you go to sleep on weekends? I sometimes sleep early and sometime late. I am busy playing with my pet in Facebook and sometime was busy browsing some sites for shopping. Right now I am eyeing this sleep number bed that I found a while ago. I wish I can get that soon.

2. What time do you wake up? Usually I wake up at 8am.

3. Do you snore? Nah.

4. If so, do you snore loudly? Nope.

5. Do you sleep talk? I don't.

6. What’s the worst thing you said in your sleep? I have no idea.

7. Ever said any secrets in your sleep? I hope not.

8. Do you sleep walk? No.

9. Have you slept into someone else’s bedroom? Yes. On my sister's bedroom.

10. Are you a light sleeper? I am not.

11. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal(s)? No.

12. Do you hate to be woken up? Yes!Very much. hahhaha!

13. If someone wakes you up, what do you do? I ignore them and go back to sleep. ahhahahha!

14. How many pillows do you sleep with? 3 pillows here.

15. Do you have a favorite pillow? None.

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