Hospital and Medical Supplies

I am sad to know that a friend is in the hospital right now. Hospitals are my enemies. I hate going there. I remember Huey whenever I am at the hospital. Not that i don't want to remember my child but the pain comes back to me. Everything that happened during his passing away comes back to me when I am at the hospital. All those thing happen even if I only pay a visit to a family or friend there. So I can't say that I totally moved on already. I guess I haven't moved on.

Okay new topic... I noticed that hospitals here in our place doesn't have any handicapped toilet. I saw one patient during our visit at the hospital suffering from the toilet seat. It is so low. Raised toilet will be better for him.

And speaking of handicapped and raised toilet, I found this one site that have these and I can say that the store is a great place to buy medical supplies. They are priced on sale right now so hurry get them while you can!

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