What did you wear today?
~ Shorts and Spaghetti Strap top. I am ready for bed.

Whats one thing you want to buy right now?
~ I want to buy the digi files grab bag but paypal is broke. Sigh!

Where do you want to travel to?
~ Hong Kong disneyland.

Who would you go with?
~ My family and husband.

What kind of food would you eat?
~ Pasta and chicken dish.

What are you listening to?
~ The sound of the TV.

Is there any song stuck in your head?
~ None.

What do you most feel like doing this week?
~ Paper Scrap.

Get up. Walk to your living room. What do you see?
~ My niece's stroller.

Get up. Walk to your kitchen. Whats the first thing you notice?
~ The maid cleaning the dishes.

Whats your favorite dance move?
~ Clapping I guess.

What are you thinking right now?
~ I want to sleep. I am super sleepy already!

Whats the last thing you bought?
~ Junk Food.

Thanks Alpha!

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