I am a scrapbooker and collecting a lot of stuff is my thing. I also love collecting pens and notebooks. When I was in high school I also love collecting stationery. My classmates and friend sometimes swap some of our extra pages. And I have this feeling of accomplishment whenever I do those things. Maybe collecting is a form of happiness for me. But I am still planning of collecting other kinds of stuffs. Maybe coins for example. Coins like 5 cents (peso) is what remains in my wallet all the time. So I might be a coin collector from now on. Or maybe those rare ones are much ok to collect. I headed to Monaco website to better learn more about rare coin investment. For over 40 years Monaco Rare Coin is the trusted in metal investment and they have certified coins for those who would like to invest.

I should try this one sometime. Collecting is really a great hobby.

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