Some FUN Questions

From Mai. Thanks sis!

1. Today I feel very— sleepy. AI need to go to sleep now. After answering this tag.
2. I enjoy — scrapbooking so much.
3. I am unhappy when — hubby doesn't remember important dates.
4. I feel good when — hubby cracks a joke.
5. I wish my boss — will be a good guy.
6. My officemates think — I am creative. So True!
7. My work area is — at my parents house. My computer is there.
8. I enjoy reading about — magazines about scrapbooking and fashion.
9. I like myself best when — I am wearing the right outfit.
10. I wish — to buy a new laptop on August.
11. Tomorrow I would like to — finish online tasks so that I can scrap.

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