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My husband and I are not food explorer. What I meant by this is that we are both afraid of tasting foods that are not familiar with us. As much as I want to change this, I just can't! I have a stubborn husband. haha! So whenever we go out we just go to our favorite restaurant and order our favorites. Not thrilling at all right? But I am open to possibilities that we still can explore in the coming years. Maybe this will be a good change in us and in our marriage. Challenging it is! So right now I am looking for some good restaurants which we can start exploring. I want something that my husband will like. Maybe those Restaurants London that a friend is recommending or maybe the Pubs London is a great start right? I have to double And check that out.

And yes I found a site in which I can go to whenever I am in need of reviews of different places like Restaurants. This is the link: You all have to check them out. If you are a traveler you should check them! They got the latest reviews of restaurants and places you should and should not visit. Plus they can assist you in choosing what's best resto for you. Wouldn't it be nice to find out more of the place you want to try going to? It is good to know early if your expectations are met or not. My husband doesn't like the part of disappointments so I have to make sure that what we are going to visit next time is the perfect place for him. I just hope what I chose will be fine with him. Ok I am off to read more about the resto we need to visit now. Good luck to me!

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