March 2010

Grad Gift

I am thinking of getting wii as a graduation gift for a friend. But I am still waiting for my other friend to tell me if he already have this game console or not. I don't want to give something with a duplicate you know. I know that this graduating friend of mine is a game gadget fanatic and wii fits perfectly for him.Will be also in the look out for some good deals online. Message me if you find a great deal ok?

Eyeglasses for Less

Was looking for The #1 online Rx glasses store when I stumbled upon Zenni Optical. Which got the Eric's Review of Zenni Optical on his site. In the review it is written there that Zenni Optical got the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses . I just have mine made from a friend and I promise the next time my eyeglasses needs replacement I will get it from Zenni Optical. get yours from Zenni too!

Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear son! We miss you and love you so much! I will cook spaghetti for you later and tita Fhen will bring Chocolate Cake. I know you are already happy with Jesus. have a great party there!


I stumbled upon this quick trim celluslim site a while ago and it got me thinking if I really need that. Hmmm.. maybe not. I love my body right now and I still can wear my favorite shirt so I am still ok with this. haha! But I will still bookmark this site as I am open to the possibility that in the future I will be needing this product.

The Eye Test

Deep Down You Are Intuitive

You're the type of person who understands other people and the world very well. You don't let on to how much you know.

You can tell so much from someone's facial expressions or tone of voice. And you always know when you're being lied to.

You show the world exactly what you want to show. Besides being good at reading people, you also know how you're being read.

You know when you're being manipulated, and you know how to manipulate someone if you have to. You usually don't resort to it though!

Yes! yes! Yes! This is so true. I have to agree to the result of this quiz. As I told my sister in law yesterday that I have the capability of knowing who's the Mr. Right and Ms. Right for my siblings. I think I have the eye of a match maker. My brother married my sister in law whom I thought will be his wife when they were still friends. I am happy I have this capability. =)

MTV Girl

Was watching MTV today and I love the look of the girl I see in one of the MTV playing right now. I don't know who it was but I super love her face. Plus she was so sexy! Oopps! I am not a lesbian ok? haha! Maybe she is using one of those fat burner reviews I saw online. Hmmm... maybe it is really that effective. Will check it out.

Good Morning!

It's early in the morning and I am working. I woke up at 3am to finish all my pending tasks. I need to beat the deadlines. I don't know if this testosterone booster can help me as I don't know what's that for. haha! I will just sleep or take a nap later to catch up on my sleep. I am hungry already and I need to sip something hot. Will get my milk now. later!

Good Sale

I went to to see how much is the iphone dock that I want. I got to check out their Cyber Monday and they got one on sale. At 50% off it got me thinking to buy it right then and there. But my conscience is telling me that I still don't need that. So I backed out and closed the site. Will get back there as soon as I got the urge to really buy it.

TV Time

Right now hubby and I are watching TV. And I said that I will still open my laptop and work or scrap. But when I laid my head on our comfy pillow I got so comfortable and was thinking to go to sleep. But hubby reminded me that I still have tons of tasks to do. So i get up and here I am blogging and working. =)

3 years

Huey is 3 years gone already. We are moving on now and we understand why he has to go. we accepted and let him go. I am sure God has better plans for me and my husband. I am seeing the positive side. I am still hoping that he will bless us with another child. I am not losing hope.

Act Now!

Yaiks! I only have 2 bucks on my wallet now. And I was so worried on what to pay for the things I bought in advance to my friend! This is so not good. Now this is a lesson for me. I need to save up for our future expenses. Like house renovation, future kids schooling and other expenses in the future. This gives me headache now just by thinking about it. Thank god i found this site about investing. Now I am thinking to buy gold bullion and save that up in a bank. Gold is a precious metal. A lot of people love gold because of it depreciating value. Make a wise move now. Think of your future and the future of your family. Act now!

Moving to California

My brother posted new photos of where he is staying in California. The neighborhood is really lovely in the pictures. He said he hopes that he will be assigned to that place. He loves it there! His family will surely love it there too! And he was planning their vacations as early as now. And I can't wait for them to move there soon.

Acne Free

I am not the kind of person who is attacked by a lot of acne. The photos above are my pics during high school and college. See I have a clean face! Thank God! I have some classmates way back then who are are problematic on how their face will be as clean as I have. But I just told them that I don't use anything on my face but water. And they are all shocked! Today I have a few acne on my forehead. Maybe this is the result of staying up late and stress. And maybe old age. I will visit soon as I need some advice on what to do on this problem of mine. Thank God they are there to help me.

SEO Tool

I am so happy that my other blog's PR went up last February. I never knew it went up until I saw the PR checker site. I immediately checked if I have a page rank since my friend's announced on twitter that G updated again. I was hoping that it will go up just 1 PR but look I got a PR2! Woot! The seo tool is really helpful to me. I think you all should use it!

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

I still believe that being happy makes you feel younger. I have an aunt who always laugh and think into positive side whenever she had problems. And she looks gorgeous at 50. I wanna be like her when I reach that age. I don't want to think of problems all the time. That explain the photos with all teeth shown on my Facebook account. haha! But a simple eye wrinkle cream will help if I can't take it but give up on some problems. Having negative things from time to time is healthy too. It will help you grow as a person. =)

Beautiful Face

I adore this face so much!

I love Audrey Hepburn's face. I wonder what acne solution she's using back then? Or is it in her genes to have a clear skin? I wish I was born with that kind of face also. That way I won't be problematic in finding the best acne solution for my face. I am not getting younger anymore so a regimen is necessary. I still want to look good even at 80. =)

Kathy the BI

I ordered a lamp shade from Ikea through my friend Glo. Kathy made me buy it. hehehe! I blame it to her. =) She was talking to me last time on YM and she told me she ordered a beautiful lamp perfect for their bedroom. And I was like "let me see! let me see!" She showed me and now I got 2 of that also. Will work hard and save up to pay for it. haha! But I got it for the reason it was so cheap! I will have to pass in getting some office furniture now. Ugh! Hubby will react on this for sure! =)

Great Site for Reference

My husband and I are not food explorer. What I meant by this is that we are both afraid of tasting foods that are not familiar with us. As much as I want to change this, I just can't! I have a stubborn husband. haha! So whenever we go out we just go to our favorite restaurant and order our favorites. Not thrilling at all right? But I am open to possibilities that we still can explore in the coming years. Maybe this will be a good change in us and in our marriage. Challenging it is! So right now I am looking for some good restaurants which we can start exploring. I want something that my husband will like. Maybe those Restaurants London that a friend is recommending or maybe the Pubs London is a great start right? I have to double And check that out.

And yes I found a site in which I can go to whenever I am in need of reviews of different places like Restaurants. This is the link: You all have to check them out. If you are a traveler you should check them! They got the latest reviews of restaurants and places you should and should not visit. Plus they can assist you in choosing what's best resto for you. Wouldn't it be nice to find out more of the place you want to try going to? It is good to know early if your expectations are met or not. My husband doesn't like the part of disappointments so I have to make sure that what we are going to visit next time is the perfect place for him. I just hope what I chose will be fine with him. Ok I am off to read more about the resto we need to visit now. Good luck to me!


Thea brought this during our EB last February 19th at Astoria Hotel. I don't eat siomai but I tried to eat this one and I was shocked I liked it! I think I ate 6 pieces. Well that's too much for me who doesn't like siomai. =) I want to give a 5/5 ratings to the maker of this siomai. It was really yummy! i love it! Thanks Thea for bringing this!

Girly Room

Sweet bedroom right? I like this one if ever we will be blessed with a baby girl. This is my dream room when I was in High School. I always ask mom if I can have a pink themed room. But that never happened. I always share room with my sister. But I am happy we got a pink wall in our bedroom. At least we got some girly room. haha!

Other Countries

Yaiks! It's March already! Summer starts at March here in the Philippines and summer is vacation time again! Woohoo!!! I cannot wait for our family vacation this summer. My friends told me that they are going out of town this time. I think they toured the whole Philippines already and wanted to try other countries. I was suggesting to my friends that they try Mexico as they got some nice beaches there and great hotels just like Karisma Hotel. With the photos I saw online I can tell that it is the perfect place for my friends and their families. I will bookmark the site as I will show them how great the place is. Great place, excellent service, beautiful scenery, good food, luxurious vacation. What more can you ask for? If only I have the money to go to this place. Sigh!

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