I Wanna Be A Super Model?

I think almost all female dream of having a great body. With perfect size of boobs, small waistline and curvy hips. If you will ask me I will definitely say that I want a body like that also. I want to be beautiful also. In fact when I was a child I dream of becoming a super model! Yah! I always look in front of the mirror, make faces like a super model do and wear moms beautiful dress! But as I grew up my plans on what I want to be changed. Nursing also came and then teaching and now I am a Computer Science graduate. Very far from the super model dream right! But the super model dream is always in my heart. I wanted to but I can't. I don't have those qualities a super model have. My friend suggested to me to try the Denver Plastic Surgery but I still need to save up for that if I really want it right? My friend encouraged me to try it since they have the best plastic surgeon in town. She tried them and loved it! She also told me that we need to be beautiful and why not make it happen! Hmmm will think it over and over again. =)

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