Random Question #3

1. The way to win your heart? Give me a million dollar savings account. wahahahha! mukhang pera!
2. What did you do last night? I am in front of the computer. Blogging and browsing the web.
3. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives? No. My name is unique. ehehheh!
4. Are you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend? I am taken already.
5. One song that's meaningful to you? Lead Me Lord. I always love this song.
6. Do you twirl or scoop your spaghetti? Scoop sometimes twirl.
7. Do you drink milk straight from the carton? Nope. That's gross!
8. How long is your hair? Very long. =)
9. Do you like Batman? Yah.
10. Who was the last person who told you they loved you? My husband. I love you too Hon!
11. Addicted to anything? Scrapbooking!
12. What were you last listening to in the car? A Christmas song.
13. Do you like anyone now? Yup! And it is a secret. ahahhaha!
14. When was the last time you sang out loud? Just now. I sang Dancing Queen. ahhahaha!
15. What did you have for breakfast? Macaroni Soup.
16. Is your birthday on a holiday? No.
17. What instant messaging service do you use? Yahoo Messenger.
18. Can you cook? Yes.
19. Did you have a nap today? Nah.
20. What was the reason you got in trouble last? Hmmm.. I can't remember.

Thanks Chi for this tag!

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