The Drag Race 2008

Last Saturday was the drag race event hosted by the motorcycle club of my husband. I tagged along my sister and we also saw there our cousin with her daughter. We arrived at 1pm already. The race started at 11am. Yes we we’re late. LOL! It was a memorable and a fun event. I had a lot of fun being their photographer. LOL! It was raining real hard and then the sun will shine and then rain again. The weather was unpredictable! But the club managed to finish managing the event. The race was put on hold when the rain pours down and continue only when the sun is up. It will be dangerous to the rider to race in a very wet road. There are a lot of people there. I was just clicking away when the race started.


Ready, Se,t GO!!!!

Somebody’s motorcycle. LOL!

There are a lot of entries to each category in the race. My husband motorcycle joined the race also. His club mate was the rider of his bike.I won’t allow him to be the rider of his bike. And guess what? His motorcycle won the championship round!!!! He was very happy and the club too. I am so proud of him! I congratulated him and I saw a very large happy face on him. I was happy too. Whatever things that makes my husband happy I am always go for it! That is how I love my husband.

Hubby’s motorcycle with the rider.

Hubby’s motorcycle at left. Winner!

Me and Jun

Big 4 Group

There are a little problem about the race but it was managed by the committee.

If I will rate this race that they conducted it will be a 4 out of 5. It was fun, exciting, alive, and a lot of people went to watch the race. Over all this i a successful event.

We went home at 11 pm already because there was a victory party for the goup and my sister and I tagged with my husband because we don’t want to take the jeepney in going home. We also ate at one of the restaurant in Albay district. I forgot the name of the resto. LOL! But the food was ok for me. Not really good but not that bad. hahahahha!

After we went home, I was really sleepy already so hubby and I went to bed.

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