Meeting Alby

Alby my dear scrapping friend from Manila arrived last tuesday here in Bicol. She is here with her husband Ariel for a vacation. It is my second time to meet her. She is such a nice person and a very pretty woman. I love her a lot! Her husband is a gentleman. They arrived at their hotel in the morning and hubby and I fetched them at 11 am for lunch at our house. I am so excited at that time. Our menu includes Sinigang na baboy, Bicol Express, Laing, adobo, fried fish, and Pili for dessert. I cooked the Sinigang na baboy, fried fish and adobo. Mom cooked the bicol express, she is best in cooking that one. We bought the Laing because I don’t know how to cook that. They said the food was great. And I can see in their faces that they really loved what I prepared for them. I am happy already!

Ariel (Alby’s husband), Me and I

Sweeteness! Honey and I.

Alby and I

Mayon Volcano behind us.

At Daraga Church

Beautiful Sky

After lunch we talked for a while. Alby browsed my scrapbook albums and I checked Alby’s new camera - a Canon 40D. And then after that we went to Mayon Rest house. They said they want to see Mayon in close up so hubby and I brought them to that area. Although Mayon is quite shy at first, which is covered by clouds, they finally saw how beautiful the Volcano is after a while. And after Mayon Rest house we went to Camalig Church, the church where hubby and I got married. And then off to Cagsawa. But the Mayon is fully covered by clouds again so no great shot here of the volcano. Next stop is Daraga church. We did some picture taking and then went to Gaisano Mall for merienda. We ate at Biggs Diner and ate Goto. After that Alby, Ariel and I went to get some groceries. Jun needed to left because he has to run for our bus to get the remittance. We dropped by Booksale and I found one CK mag there. And after that we waited for Jun to arrive and headed to ALIBAR Food Land to eat dinner. It was a very yummy dinner. And then Alby and Ariel want to get some rest so we dropped them at their hotel. They need to sleep early because they will wake up before 6am because they will trek to Mayon Volcano.

It was nice seeing them both. I was so inspired by them. They are here btw for their wedding anniversary. I think it is their 7th. I am not that sure.

To Alby and Ariel, I am happy for both of you. Congrats and happy Anniversary! I am really happy to meet you two. I had a blast during our short trip. My day was completed by the two of you yesterday. And of course by Jun who is such a loving husband and driver for a day. hahahahah! Thanks Honey!

Ingat kayo dyan sa Sorsogon ha! Mwuah!

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