Take Note of this Online Shoppers

I saw this post at Tracy's blog. I grabbed it because I need to memorize this before I shop online again! ahhahahaha!

  • Attach a debit card to your paypal instead of credit card or bank account
  • Before purchasing anything, do some window shopping
  • Buy practical stuff
  • If you like something but having second thought about buying it, consult others for their opinion.
  • Don't buy when you're upset.
  • If you're a scrapper, after your purchased a kit, use it immediately. Make a couple of layouts using that kit or until you get tired of it. and when you feel you had enough, that's the time to buy a new one.
  • Schedule a day for shopping to prevent unnecessary purchase.
  • Allot a time for online shopping ( an hour or two) after that stop it.
  • Distinguish "want" items from "need" items
  • Do some research about the products you want or need to buy.
  • Don't be too excited when you see the word "SALE"

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