Celebrate Life

Last Mothers Day we went to the beach. It is also the 50th birthday of my sister in law's father. As we were heading to the beach we also saw the car of my cousin. Mom texted her sister which is the mother of my cousin where they are heading. They said it is somewhat a retreat for their sisters and brothers in church. I am so happy that there are group like that. I mean they are so dedicated to God and even share events like that. We would love to join them but my sister in law's family are expecting us so we passed in joining them. But if they will go on a Christian Cruises I will surely come with them. I think it will help me know God more and celebrate a special day with the creator.

I am a believer and I think it is right to give Him thanks at least for a week of Christian Cruise and celebrate his wonderful blessings.

This Christian Cruises are a very good way of celebrating life. Thanking God for every blessing that he gave us and praising him. This is very good way of vacation for families. So if ever I will be invited to join in this Christian Cruises I will surely go and bring all of my family also.

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