I did the laundry today. Gosh I had a lot!!!! Mountains already! hihiihih!

I read scrapbook magazine as the I wait for the beep of the washing machine telling me that it is finished already. I had to load 4 laundry... waaahhhh!!! I saw a lot of great LO's in that magazine that I am reading and I told myself that I can also do that. I already marked the pages that I am scraplifting. I learned a lot from that magazine today. The one LO that caches me the most is the LO about her visit to Rome. And her photos of the Rome hotels are amazing! I am so in love with the photos. I hope to go there soon too. I will surely bring my camera so that I can also share it via scrapbooking. Rome is my long time dream to go to. It is so nice to see beautiful photos on the net.

Ok enough day dreaming! Today I arrived late here at my parents house because of the laundry. I have a lot of emails. Lots of things going on in my yahoo groups huh! I also need to work and do some photo editing. Waaahhh... I need a break! Maybe go somewhere???? Mall??? maybe... Sigh!

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