Watch for Me

I had a hard time catching up on TV shows because I always forgot what time slot they are airing. For example the America's Next Top Model, and a lot of shows that I love on ETC. I am always late for dates with my friends and sometimes with my husband. What is happening to me. I am never like this. I am always on time and hated being late. I remember when I was still in High School I even got a no absent, no late award. LOL!!! Gosh! I think I better get that Milus Watches that I am eyeing for a month now. I think it is suited to me so that I will be on time again. LOL! Just look at the beautiful color of the photo above. Isn't that gorgeous? This is a wow for me. I never had red watch before and I think it is time to get one. This is fashionable and beautiful! I totally love it. So if you also want this watch you can check out this site Or maybe would like to give me that as a gift? I will surely accept that with out hesitation. LOL!

Happy shopping!

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