Vacation Time!

Yay it is already summer and it only means that we need a vacation or simply a getaway place. I am thinking of baguio but hubby is always there whenever there are tours. My next option is Palawan but hubby said that there is nothing much that I will enjoy there. So I think our own place is that best place to discover. Bicol region is a very nice place but hubby and I haven't discovered that. Even if we lived here all our lives. LOL! I wish we can go outside the Philippines but we have no money saved for it for now. Going abroad for travels needs a lot of cash allowance right so that needs a lot of planning. And I want to try Branson getaways packages if ever I will go outside the Philippines. I think it will be more easier for us if I will consult the site. They have a lot of choices and vacation packages so it will be easier for us to pick the best place to have a vacation. If you want to go on a vacation be sure to check out Branson getaways' site ok?

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