Amazing IPhone

I’ve been a user of Iphone for 6 months now and I am still in love with it. I thank my dear friend who offered a nice deal for me. If not for her I may not still have enjoyed the things an Iphone can do. I really cannot imagine my life without it. It has been my company when I am waiting for the husband to come home and when I am waiting for my turn for my OB check up. It also serves like a planner and boredom removal for me. The baby bump application is my favorite as of now. I use it to track what week I am already and how I look every week by taking pictures of myself. I love that the applications are really making me organized!

I wonder how the developers make these application for apple gadgets. I am beyond amazed by the geniuses at the back of these projects. And I know that Sourcebits is one of the companies that makes great applications. Their iPad App Development and iPhone App Development sure is a great help for apple gadget users like me. I saw in their site that they also make Blackberry Development but I don’t own one so I have no idea how those works. Maybe someday when I am fully unsatisfied on what an Iphone can do for me, I can try blackberry as well.

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