Luxury linens

I am busy cleaning the closet this morning. I am classifying all those unused clothes of me and my husband. I separated them in a plastic box which we purchased a few months ago. I think I have filled almost two plastic boxes of my unused clothes than hubby. Hubby has half of the plastic box only. Yaiks! My poor husband, I realize now that he only owns a few clothes! I need to buy him new ones as he uses his t-shirts and pants over and over again. I also found damaged bed sheets which can be transformed into a cleaning cloth. And throw pillows that needs repair on its zipper. This cleaning reminds me that I need to buy new sheets now. We only have 2 bedsheets after that damaged one. I am eyeing those Luxury sheets and Luxury bedding at that I saw while surfing a while ago. The Luxury linens in their site are good quality and has a variety of designs to choose from. I like almost all of their designs! It is so hard to choose just one. This site is also the perfect site for buying gifts for a wedding as their pricing are just average than any other online stores. When we got married I love the gift that contains beddings in it. We use that until now and that was like 6 years ago. =)

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