Test for mold

Now that I am pregnant I am taking extra precautionary measure not to get sick. Getting sick is bad for the baby. It may cause premature labor or physical and brain damage to the baby. And I am so afraid of this to happen again. My first born is a special child that’s why I am a freak in terms of getting sick. And to keep myself healthy and my family, I ask our maid to perform a general cleaning to our house every weekends. Yes, I am that paranoid! And I don’t want my asthma to go back again. I am thankful that I’ve never had attacks since I was 5 years old. A clean house is a safe house so everyone living in it is healthy and I want my family to be healthy as always. And to see that a house is clean, you need to perform series of tests like a mold test, feeling of the surfaces for dusts, washing of the curtains and covers for chairs and pillows and so on. A test for mold or a mold detector is the best way to see if there are still molds in your house. Molds are harmful to the health and may cause allergies, asthma, brain fog, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so many more. At immunolytics.com you’ll find more information for this mold testing. They provide low cost testing kits and help you with what to do when the result is positive. They never leave you hanging if there is really a problem.

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