Geothermal Systems

Phoenix’s climate is characterized as arid and subtropical. This means hot summers and warm winters. On the average, Phoenix’s high temperature during summer is considered as one of the hottest of any populated are in the US. It even reaches temperatures close to Middle East cities like Baghdad and Riyadh. At times like this, it is necessary to stay cool and comfortable using geothermal cooling. This company takes advantage of the power extracted from heat stored in the earth to provide not only air conditioning but also heating and hot water during winter season. How does geothermal energy works? The extracted energy gradually rises to the surface in the form of steam, hot water or heat which is used by geothermal power plants to spin their turbines and produce electricity. This kind of power is considered to be environment-friendly because it does not utilize the use of petroleum products, thus production of greenhouse gasses is eliminated. Moreover, there no smoky emissions, thus communities are assured of clean air. One company that utilizes geothermal systems in providing geothermal heating and air conditioning to Arizona is GeOasis. It has dedicated much of its energy, resources and manpower to develop efficient, accurate and timely solution in using geothermal technology in Phoenix, Arizona by leveraging its unique climate and resources.Other benefits provided by GeOasis include pool heating and cooling, free hot water for home use during cold months and tax credits and financial assistance.

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