April 2007

Been busy with soon to be house!

Ive been there in a week already supervising the workers there and cooking their foods... It's been great that I can practise my cooking because if we will already move I can cook for honey already! Yehey! I am so proud to say that! LOL! Jun's aunt said my cooking skills already improved. I wanted to improve more. I am having fun cooking... LOL!

The house is now on the painting mode. The painter is now painting the precious walls of our house. Wahoo! I am so excited! now I can see the house will be new again because of the paint. After painting we will already move. Our target date on the house blessing is on May 15. It is after the election. We also hope that my cousin who is running for Vice-Mayor here in our town will win so that the celebration will be doubled.

Honey already installed the Dream Cable there. I am really really excited to move! =)

Caryl Tagged me...

I was tagged by Caryl. Thank you so much for tagging me girl!!

Here's my answer:

A - Available or single: Taken (married for 3yrs now)
B - Best friend: Aleta Joy
C - Cake or pie: Cake
D - Drink of choice: Coke Float from Mcdonalds
E - Essential item you use everyday: my Cellphone
F - Favorite color: purple and pink
G - Gummy bears or worms: Gummy worms
H - Hometown: Albay, Philippines (Near Mayon Volcano)
I - Indulgence: on foods: Spaghetti other: scrapbooking =)
J - January or February: January (Start of the Year)
K - Kids & names: Huey Dhale (just passed away last March 2007) I miss you baby!
L - Life is incomplete without? God, Jun my hubby, my family, friends… and scrapping!
M - Marriage date: November 29, 2003
N - Number of siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sis
O - Oranges or apples: apples
P - Phobias or fears: Ghosts (sobrang takutin ako)
Q - Fave quote: I don't have any fave qoutes... hihihih!
R - Reason to smile: Sweetness of hubby, scrapbooking, eating ice cream
S - Season: summer
T - Tag 5 people: Liza, Ria, Jenn, Cabbie, Joanne, Pia, Amor, Leirs, Lee, and Quielle
U - Unknown fact about me: I can twist my tongue. =)
V- Vegetable you don’t like: everything! LOL! I don't eat vegetables that much!
W - Worst habit: Inlove with my pc! LOL!
X - Xrays you've had: once
Y - Your fave food: spaghetti, junk foods, chicken, adobo, Menudo, Cheetos
Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo


I only knew this today! OMG! I visited The Scrapping Garden and then I found out that my digiscrap LO below was chosen as layout of the day (April 23, 2007). Gosh its been 3 days already! I am so happy today! Thank you TSG!!!

Here's the link:


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Happy posting guys!

I cried

Yesterday I was a maid at our soon to be house because my Tita was not available to cook there. Jun asked me if I can cook for them. And I said yes. I went to the market and picked up the ingredients for my recipe for the day. My recipe was "pansit" for merienda, Sinigang na baboy and fried fish (galunggong) for lunch. It will be my first time to cook sinigang na baboy. Thank God Auntie Selma (Aunt of Jun) was there to help me out. The recipe for the day was successful! Wahoo!!! LOL!

We went home at 5:30 pm. Ate our dinner, watched tv and then we went to bed. Jun was still on the computer so I went to bed first. As I was trying to get to sleep, Huey suddenly came to my mind. I cried and cried last night. I really miss him so much. Jun comforted me. He hugged me and tells me that he was there and I must not think of Huey already because he was in heaven with Jesus. That Huey was already ok there. And he also told me to let Huey go. I just can't stop thinking of Huey. I miss him so much! Everything keeps on coming back to my mind. Huey's face and the things that we do together. I miss my son so much!

After that I already fallen asleep.

My weekend

As i've said I've been busy last weekend. Here's the story...

Sister-in-law invited us to celebrate the 1st birthday of her nephew in Legazpi at 4pm. At 10:30am we( our maid's 5 year old daughter and I) went to the mall because I will have the scrapbook I made for the celebrant to be framed. As we wait for the framed scrapbook to finish we stroll around the mall and ate there our lunch. Our house was 30 minutes away from the venue so we just waited for the start of the party. Gosh we waited for 6 hours! LOL! It was ok because it will be very tiring if we will go back to our house and again go to Legazpi for the party.

At 4pm we went to the venue and there we're a lot of kids already there. Lots of food also! Yum! yum! LOL! The party ended at 6pm. We waited for my brother and sister-in-law because we will leave the place together. Jun was busy with his motorbike so he can't accompany us to the party but he also went there at 7pm. The mother of the celebrant really liked the scrapbook I made for her son. She said "This is so beautiful! I have scrapbook already! Yehey!". I was glad she liked it.

We(Dad, Mom, Jun and I) went to church at 6am. We offered Huey a mass. And after that we went to the cemetery to visit Huey. I miss him so much!

We dropped by the house of my Tita which is a few walks away from the cemetery. Mom and I ate our breakfast there because Jun and dad has an appointment to attend to. My cousin and my brother planned to go swimming and we said we will go with them. It was not really planned. We we're 15 in total I think. So we hurriedly went back to our house and get our things.

The resort was sooo beautiful than the last time I went there. It was newly renovated. I really enjoyed our outing. It was long time ago when I felt like that. Although I miss honey in that outing.

I had body aches after the swimming. So when we arrived at home I just went to bed.

That was the story of my weekend which is super duper late already! LOL!


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I've been busy this past few days. I will tell you my story maybe tomorrow if I have time. Will be busy again tomorrow. I will be a maid for a day! I will cook at our currently renovating house. Will cook for the workers. Wish me luck for tomorrow! I hope I don't mess around. LOL!

Happy Saturday!

I am now preparing to go to Legazpi City because I am going to the mall to have my scrapbook LO framed. I will give this to the birthday boy who is my sister-in-law's nephew. It is his 1st birthday so I want it to be special. Actually his birthday was yesterday... the celebration was today because his mom cannot leave the duty in the hospital. Happy birthday Justyn! Manymany more blessings to come! Be a good boy always! Love your mom and dad.

Tiring day

I am so tired today. Went back to Naga City, a two hour bus ride. Mother in law asked me if I can go back there for the registration of a vehicle. I went there all by myself! I am so lonely! LOL! Honey can't go with me because he was supervising the workers in our house.

That's all. I am tired. I need to rest. Good night everybody!

Another LO to share

No post to share. I'll tell you more tomorrow. I am so tired. I need to rest. Goodnight Readers!!!

Scrappinmoms Challenge Entry

Here's my entry to scrappinmoms.com's sketch challenge. It's April's birthday and this challenge is for her. Happy Birthday April! Hope you like my LO guys!

I really am not happy with how I scan my LO's with this new scanner of mine! I am not yet familiar of the settings on how to scan my LO's. Ggrrrr!!! Help anyone? I have Canon Lide 25.

Now ok.

I am now ok. No fever anymore. But I still have a cough. This morning we went to the port because the air there was good for me. There we're a lot of people there. Jogging, walking, sight seeing and waiting for the boat to arrive. I think we were there for 1 hour. Just breathing the fresh air and sun bathing! LOL! We then went to Biggs restaurant for our breakfast. We ordered "Goto" () with egg. YUM! After eating we dropped by the fruitstand to buy ripe mango. Then we went home after that. I have pictures (borrowed my sister-in-law's camera because mine was also borrowed by Jun's sister who is in Manila) but I haven't uploaded it so will show you pictures later.

Yesterday we also went swimming. I didn't swim because I came from sickness. I just watched the two kids of our nanny which I tagged along. I kept on coughing there. LOL! Those two kids became my kids for 1 day! Gosh! It was so hard! Those two makes me headache. =)

That's all for now! Tah tah!

Sale at Digiscrapshak

Digiscrapshak.com is having a storewide sale now. Up to 40% off on all and John's Photoblast Action is 25% off. Now go! Grab everything! LOL! Happy shopping!

I am sick!

Poor me I've been sick for 4 days already. The first two days was only cough and colds and then it came with a fever. Last night I was shaking really hard. Jun panicked and don't know what to do. But he was so sweet. He put warm face towel to my forehead so that my fever will go down. He was my doctor last night. Would you believe I reached 38.8 degree celcious last night! Gosh! Jun kept on asking me if he will bring me already to the hospital but I said no. I was too afraid to hospitals you know! And I said if my fever will go higher then he can bring me already. I woke up at 2:30am because I was sweating so much. I woke up Jun and asked him to get me a towel for my back and a new tshirt. I wanted to vomitt but nothing is coming out! And then I slept again. I woke up with the kiss of my honey telling me he was going already. He will go to Daet Camarines Norte to watch a drag race. And then I slept again. I woke up at 8 am and I feel a little ok. My fever went down but I still have a cough. I drink my meds according to what my sister-in-law who is a doctor told me. I hope tomorrow I won't be sick anymore because I wanna go to the celebration of my brother-in-lawand his wife's anniversary and hand to them my gift.

Imagine I am sick but I still managed to make an altered clock as a gift to my brother-in-law (Jun's brother) and his wife on their anniversary tomorrow? I am so proud of myself because I made it at 9:30 and I finished at 11:00am. And I am so happy with the output. Here's a picture of it. Sorry for the blurred pic, I only used my Cellphone in taking it.

I feel a little bit ok now while typing this post. I am hungry already. Will get my snack. TTFN!

MLA Entry

Here's my entry to Mylittleattic.com's Fancy Pants Designs Contest. I had fun during the vacation and I also had fun creating this LO's.

Materials used:
Fancy Pants Unique and Inspire pp, tag, Bazzill Cardstock, Prima flowers, Ric rac, MM shimmer kit, Autumn Leaves clear stamp, Provo Craft Alphabitties, Maya Road chipboards, Staedler Triplus Fineliner pen, KMA white Cardstock, photo manipulation: Adobe Photoshop CS2.

April 7, 2007
Marrion and I
Gobgob Beach, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur

Materials Used:
Fancy Pants Victorian Lace pp, tags, flowers, Ric rac, American Crafts Rub-ons, Creative Impressions Spiral clips, Buttons, flower charms, Crystaline alpha buttons, DCWV alpha stickers, Autumn Leaves clear stamp, Bazzill Cardstock, Colorbox ink, Staedler Triplus Fineliner brown pen, Photo manipulation: Adobe Photoshop CS2.

I am amazed by how this star fish looks like. It was my first time to see a star fish like this. Very very beautiful creature.
April 7, 2007
Gobgob Beach, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur.

A paper LO


After so long, I created a paper LO. I've been hooked to digital scrapbooking because it was free. Paper scrapbooking here in the Philippines is too expensive! I have no budget before because we are renovating our soon to be house. There are so many expenses and no buget for my hobby. =( I am so glad Honey gave me allowance for it last last week. And I spend it already! LOL! I bought BG Stella Ruby pp, the swirls clear stamp which Iris recommended to me, Prima flowers, and so much more! LOL!

And guess what I will be starting my scrapbook business here in Bicol soon. We are still saving for it. Yay!

I tried to submitt this LO to Basic Grey site but they don't like it. Huhuhuhu!

I hope you like this LO.

Holy week stories

We spent our holy week in Garchitorena, Camarines Sur. This is the place of my mom when she was still young. This place was so great for vacation.

April 4, 2007 (Wednesday)
We leaved Camalig, Albay at 3:30 am. We used the pick-up truck of my brother-in-law. We we're 5 (mom, dad, sister, me and Jun) in the car and 2 (my brother and sister-in-law) by motorbike. It took us 6 hours to reach our destination. It was so painful in the butt just sitting for 6 hours! LOL!
The road was disaster but the 4x4 car managed to go through lots and lots of big rocks! It was fun but very very tiring!

We arrived at 9:30 am. Our relatives was there already. I am so happy to see them again.

We ate breakfast and rest.

At 3:00 pm we headed to the beach just a couple of blocks away. I didn't swim beacause I was still tired and my eyes needs rest. Jun didn't swim as well. Here are some pics...

April 5, 2007 (Thursday)
We just stayed in the house played PSP2, gameboy ans starcrsft in the laptop. I was like a child playing with my cousins who are 10 years younger than me. LOL!
April 6, 2007 (Friday)
We wake up early because we are going to Caglago, Camarines Sur to visit the shrine of Mama Mary where there are 500+ stairs. This was our way of Penance. When we reached the place, the priest was about to start the Way of the Cross. Perfect timing for us. When we reached the top, it was so beautiful. It was like you are in Tagaytay City. It was my second time there I think. It was Jun's first and he was amazed by the view. Our knees was shaking when we went down.Iimagine going up and down with 500+ stairs? LOL!

April 7, 2007 (Saturday)
We headed to the beach again. This was not the same beach we went to last wednesday. It was so much fun and it was tiring as well. My uncle said the place that we are going was near so we just walk going there, but hell it was so far away. We walked 3 kilometers!!!! My feet aches when we reached the place. The place was beautiful. Perfect for relaxation.

April 8, 2007 (Sunday)

We watched my cousin at the church because she was an Easter Angel. Here in the Philippines it was called "Salubong". The angels will remove the veil on Mama Mary's head because Christ has risen. There we're 16 angels I think. We attended the mass after that.

After the mass we prepared our things already because we are ready to go home. Whew! another 6 hours of travel! We arrived here in Camalig at 4:30pm. Jun and I hurriedly prepared our "pasalubongs" to his sister and her family who will go back to Manila at 5:30pm. After that we went back home and rest.

Oh how I miss my computer so much! LOL! and Jun said he also miss his motorbike! LOL!

1 month after

It's been a month since Huey died. I still miss him. We still miss him. Jun and I kept ourselves busy the past month. Jun was busy with his motorbike and his Kabalikat group. He upgraded the parts of his motorbike, Surf the net about Suzuki Raider R150 and joined the motorcade of Kabalikad Civicom in Naga. Me? I go out, sometimes with Jun, sometimes with my siblings. I shop. Yes I think that was my way of coping. I am happy seeing new things specially scrapbooking materials. LOL!

I kept myself busy, enjoy things around me, smile and laugh, socialize with other people, go out, but still I remember Huey. Some of my friends and relatives says I am so strong compared to Jun who is so quiet after what happened. But they don't know how I feel inside. If I see things that makes me remember Huey... I cry inside. If I see a mother who carries his child at the mall... I am so envy, because she can still carry and kiss his darling child. If someone asks about what happened to Huey I reply a little bit and go away, because I don't wanna cry in front of that person. The saddest part of my day was waking up and sleeping at night. Because I miss Huey sleeping beside me. I miss cuddling him to sleep and waking up at night just to make his milk. I miss waking up early because Huey was already awake and seeing him not beside me makes me sad. I really really miss my son so much!

I am strong because I am afraid of letting it all out to other people. I am not the showy type of person. I am like this but I am ok. We will never forget Huey. He will remain in our hearts.

Jun and I are talking about having our next child but I said I can't be pregnant now... maybe next month or another month... Losing Huey is still not sinking in me. I am afraid of having a child just like Huey who is a special child. I wanted to experience having a normal child. Jun and I wanted to be called Mam and Papa. Jun said he understand. He said I should take vitamins in order for me to be healthy when I get pregnant. And he promised me to be there for me always. Jun was so depressed not seeing Huey on his last breath and he was not there also when Huey was born. So he wanted to be sure that he was there when our next child will be born.

We miss you Huey! You will remain into our hearts! We love you so much!

Still Tired

Today we went to the Mall... I am still tired but I wanted to develop the pictures I took during our vacation... I am sooo excited! I am so lazy to type my story about the vacation... I will try tomorrow. (*big grin)

I am Back!!!

Yes I am back! I am too tired today. So many stories to tell. I need rest. I'll post again tomorrow. I am so glad I am back!

Happy easter everyone!

Out for 1 week...

I will be out of touch (except if you txt me, heheheh!) for one week. I will be going to Garchitorena Camarines Sur for a vacation. We will celebrate Holy week there with my family. Please leave me a message on my tag board or comment on this post. Will be back on sunday, April 8. I will miss you guys! Bye!

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