December 2007

Broke already?

I know a lot of you are already broke. No money on your wallet for sure! With all the gift shopping and food preparations last Christmas and this new year you will spend a lot for sure! On my experience yes I am broke already. I shopped and shopped and shopped online and at the mall to buy things I needed for the holidays. I badly need some cash advance right now. I really really need to buy groceries so that our ref will be full for new year.

Are you also in need of cash loans? Then worry no more because I found this site about cash loans on the net. You should check them out. Perfect Cash Advance offers cash loans to those who are in need of emergency cash. Specially after the holidays where in you got no money in your wallet because of the spending for the preparations and gifts. Go now and check their site and apply for a loan so that the empty wallet will be full again. hehehhehe! I will ask my husband for a go sif=gnal if I can try them out and I am ready to spend again. hahahahahha!

Good Luck and happy shopping again!

CK January 2008 magazine

I got it! I got it!!!!

The CK january 2008 arrived today! Thank you so much She for sending it to me. I love!!!! LOL!

I haven’t read it. I will browse it later at home. I am really excited!!!! Yay!

Poker Coaching

Visit the Pokerfox site and get coaching in poker. You can win because someone who knows how to play the game will coach you. Isn't it great to find a site that is willing enough to coach you? Visit also the rakeback so that you'll get a lot of information about the poker game.

And oh! don't forget the site for a whole lot of FUN in poker!

Good Luck guys!

Naughty or Nice?

I created this digital LO for my friend Pia. I just love this photo of ethan. He is so cute! Thanks Pia for liking my LO for you.

Here is my LO.


Jolly Jingle Kit from Little Dreamer Designs.

Sparkle Overlay by Anna Aspnes

Candy brads by Michelle Coleman

Tag by Michelle Coleman

Worn and Torn Frames by Linda GB

Lots of labels by Birgit of Catscrap

Staple by Kate Hadfield

Drop Shadows by Tracy Murphy

Font: FG Tindra

Mattress Replacement

Last night was horrible! I kept on waking up because the bed here at my parents house is not comfortable! It has a lot of bumps! My bak is already aching now! Grrr! I think mom needs to replace this mattress and get a new one. If this won't be replaced I will sleep on their bedroom which is vacant now because they are accompanying my nephew and niece in their bedroom.

Mom please replace the mattress soon!

Flickr PRO Account

I haven't told you that my Flickr is now a PRO. I upgraded into a pro since I am uploading a lot of pictures. I love photography but I think photography hates me. LOL!

You can see my pictures here.

I'll post more pictures there.


Go consult an seo specialist and get a lot of traffic to your site. Traficare is here for you to help you out with your sites traffic. An seo expert in their site can help you. Traficare is a web marketing expert so if you have a problem in your site about marketing then you should consult their seo services. I should try this too so that this blog will have more traffic and the PR will go high. You should too!

Good Luck to us!! :D

New LO

I have a new LO to share. This is a LO to our fourth anniversary last November 29. I hope you like it!


From Tracy Ann Designs :

Soiree kit

Lace Ribbon and frames

Shape Matte by Jen Caputo

Pinned n Tagged alpha by Amy Wolf

Teachers Pet Alpha by Lauren Reid

Drop Shadow by Tracy Murphy

Font: Porcelain

Car Loan Needed

We have a car but I think it is a very old one. I wanted to try car loans and purchase a new car but hubby won't replace our old one because it is important to him. No matter how old it was it is significant to our family. But I wanted to suggest to him to try a car loan. So that I can have a new car. I wanted to drive my own car long long time ago but hubby is too busy to teach me how to drive. If I know already how to drive my next step is to purchase my own car. It is so tiring to go to the mall or to anywhere when you are riding on a jeep two time or I have to bug my husband to drive me anywhere I want. What if he is busy? What if my appointment is important? Sigh!

If ever I will have the money to buy a new car or to finace it for a car loan I will surely visit this auto loan blog that I found on the net. You too should take a peek into that blog. Specially if you are thinking of getting a car loan also.


I guess everybody is so busy preparing for a trip or for a post Christmas party or doing some shopping for the New Year celebration. Me? I am doing nothing. I have a lot of things on my mind but I am too lazy right now. I just woke up and haven't eaten my breakfast. I am still yawning here. hahahahhaa! I am trying to scrap right now.... digitally! I hope I can finish this one so that I can create another one for my CT.

You what are you busy with?

My Christmas Celebration

I had a very FUN Christmas Eve. December 24th.

The food for the kids and the kids dancing with my nephew on yellow shorts.

The kids (lots of them!) and me hosting the program. hihihiihih!

My cousins. Mothers side.

We gathered the carolers on my parents house and celebrated Christmas with them. I was happy to see my family together with kids that we don’t even know. My mom prepared spaghetti and cake for the kids. They sang and danced the night away. They are so happy. I hosted the program and started the games. Mom gave me 1T (in 20’s) to be the prize of the game. The kids are so happy to receive the prize when they won in a game. I am happy too because I can see in their eyes that they are happy.

After the game for the kids our family with our relatives we ate dinner together. I was glad to see them again after so many years of not celebrating Christmas with them.

So this what happened on my Christmas Celebration. You? What happened to you on Christmas day?

Wanna play game?

I wanted to learn how to play backgammon but I was so not good at it! I searched the net and I found this online backgammon, I read the guidelines and the how to play the game and still I was dumb about the game. I know this is a very nice game. I am sure I will have fun with this game! And since I was online all the time, I wanna try the backgammon online and play as long as I like. So I'll see you there OK?

Merry Christmas!!!


I see a lot of people specially those in 4th year high School that they are taking a Nursing or Medical related courses. I too once chose to be a Nurse when i was still in High school. I don't know whats in a medical related course that makes me want to take it. But when i grew older my dream of becoming a Nurse faded. I hated blood and hooked to the computer. But it is still my dream to go to one of the medical assistant schools here in the Philippines. I think it is not yet late right? I can still go to a medical school.

If ever I will go to a medical school I will surely get help to my sister in law who took a medical assistant training programs and she told me that it was not easy to take these medical assistant programs. But I also wanted to try this. I wanna risk my life. hehehehe! Seriously my dream is to take up medical courses so I am still thinking of going to school again and take those medical courses.

So are you also into medical courses? Tell me how it is and if ever I will change my mind you can help me. hehehhe!


I made this today and I would like to share it with you. This is my Brother and his family. A very beautiful family!


I will put the credits tomorrow.

Poker Time!

Use the poker calculator and know if you’ll gonna win or not in a poker game. I wanna learn how to play the poker game so that I can also use the holdem calculator. Go now and win the poker odds so that you can give me some money also! hahahhaha! You might be lucky this time because it is Christmas! I know God will shower good people with luck!

PhotoHunt: Light

The beautiful scenery in Kuwait City. Taken by my brother.

Happy Photo Hunting!

Merry Christmas!

My Wedding Flowers

Would you like to see my wedding flowers? Here it is.

Isn't it beautiful?

I love tulips and I am so thankful that my flower arranger got some for me. I wanted to have a purple tulip but she said it is impossible to get. But she managed to resolve the problem. She had it painted with purple and violet colors. Isn't it amazing? i love the flowers a lot and thank God for these flowers.

I would like to see your wedding flowers too!

Blame it on the Bed!

My back hurts!!!!

Blame it to our bed! Our single size bed!!!

I am having a hard time sleeping last night because some of the spring of the bed is already popping out of the bed! And it was exactly where I was sleeping! damn bed! I need to replace that fast with a more comfortable modern platform beds or my back will need some therapy later. hahahahaha!

Good Luck to me!


All of my High school and College friends know that I am such a pen lover. They always come to me whenever they ran out of pens and ever pencils. I don't know why I am such a pen collector even those personalized pens that other people have like my dads pen which has a name of him I wanted to get. hahahaha! Am I weird? Yes I love doodling and writing notes so that I can use my pens. I love different colors and different kinds.

You what are your collections?

Work for Me.

I wanted to go to work also. Ever since I graduated from college I never had the time to go to work. I had Huey that time and I was busy taking care of him. But I never regret having him because he was the best gift we received from God. We became a family because of him.

Right now Huey is gone. He is already in heaven I was thinking of getting a job to help my husband. And I think a market research related job is good for me. I have a friend who works in a company like that and I wanted to apply but i was hesitant because this will be my first job if ever I will be accepted. And I am so afraid that I can't perform the job well.

So until now I am still thinking of submitting my resume.


Got this from mommy Yen. Thanks dito mommy yen!

1. When my blog is broken, I contact Amore. hehehehe!
2. I saw the most amazing Mayon Volcano this morning! And I love it so much!
3. The Enchanted is the new movie I’m most looking forward to seeing. Is it fab? Have any of you saw it already? Let me know!
4. Work: Necessary and _____. No idea. I never experienced work.
5. Of all the new tv shows, I enjoy Pinoy Big brother the most. Not really new but still I enjoy watching it..
6. If only I have a lot of money to buy for gifts this Christmas I will buy all my friends what they like.. :)

I had fun answering this.

Miss my co-Bebot

I miss them today and yesterday. It kept on telling me that the site is inaccessible. I miss going there and reading updates about my co-bebots. I guess Angie is fixing our forum and maybe making it more beautiful. hehehehhe!

At first I think my connection is again a bummer but when I asked my co-bebots they also experience the same thing in the forum. Oh well i will just wait until Angie is finished fixing it.

Thanks Angie for fixing it! You are the best!

Online Learning

I love the internet a lot! I am so addicted to it! I guess this is one of the things I can't live without. This is so important to me. I learn a lot just by blogging, surfing and reading e-mails.

This Online Learning will never be learned from school. I guess everybody now is hooked on the internet. My friends are so hooked. They love blogging and updating their friendster accounts. i also love friendster because I can see what are the happenings to my family, relatives and friends. Internet is such a great help to everybody. When I need to seach for a certain topic I can always go online and got an answer in just a click.

So you should also try this online learning. You will get a lot of ideas and learn while surfing the net.

Good Luck!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Christmas Tag

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? This Christmas I want my gifts to be special so I am wrapping my gifts with paper.

2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial tree only.

3. When do you put up the tree?December 1.

4. When do you take the tree down? After Three Kings I think.

5. Do you like egg nog? Yah. I love it!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Toys and money.

7. Hardest person to buy for? older people. I have a hard time finding a gift for them.

8. Easiest person to buy for? Kids.

9. Do you have a nativity scene? None.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?This Christmas I’ve been so busy so I think I will be just emailing my friends and family this xmas.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Can’t think of any.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Jingle all the way.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? November month until 3 days before xmas. hehehhe!

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Nope.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Quezo de bola. I really love cheese!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear Lights.

17. Favorite Christmas song? My grown up Christmas List, Pasko na sinta ko and Kumukutikutitap.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay at home with family.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer’s? I remember Rudolf only. hahahaha!

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? A star.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas Eve. And if too tired already on Christmas day itself.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Hmmm. CrowdedMall.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? Red and Gold.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Ham, Spaghetti and Quezo de Bola.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Lots of Clothes. I am running out of clothes. waaahhh!

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Pass.

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? None.

Busy Me

It's been a while I updated this blog. I missed blogging here. I've been so busy updating my other blog here.

Yesterday we have no internet connection. Bad Trip! Nakakainis! I wanted to blog but Bayantel doesn't want me to. huhuuhuh! The internet resumed at 4:30 in the afternoon and after surfing for 10 minutes mom called and she want me to accompany her to buy toys as gifts this Christmas. And I am again away from my pc. huhuuhuhuh! Got back at 6:30 and then hubby arrived and said he needed to use the computer. waaahhhh! I can't even post on my blog. huuhuhuh!

So today I am reading a lot of emails, read blog posts, do assignments and update my blogs. whew! That is a lot! I need to act fast so that I can finish my to do things today.


Salsa Dance

Right now I wanna learn how to dance salsa. I got so amazed by the dancers I saw during the world salsa championships on TV and I love their body when they dance. I know I don't have the guts to dance it but I am willing to try. At least I can see if I can dance it or not. The salsa dance will surely make me sexy just like the other dancers. Dancing is a form of exercise so I wanna try it. I guess you should try it too. It is so exciting to watch so I guess it will be exciting to perform it.

PhotoHunt: Small

A small cat with a curious little boy.


I love bangles but I am not collecting them. I saw a lot of women out there specially those teenagers that wears a lot of nice bangles. Some of them wears gold bangle too! How I wish I am also a bangle addict. I can collect every designs I saw at the mall and maybe online. But it is not my passion. I so understand why a lot of females are so into fashion. just like why I am so into scrapbooking!!! So I respect them as they respect my hobby.

PhotoHunt: Small

My nephew on a small window.

Car Covers

Aack!!! Our car covers need to be replaced. Honey had it done in an upholstery shop with a very bad one. We needed to replace it so that I will be comfortable to sit there. And honey too! I need to save and work more today to save for it! I want our car to be as good as it was before. And also it needs to go on a machine shop. Honey needs to work on the engines. I don't have any idea on what are those but I hope it will run smoothly again.

I made this

… for eden! She was a very dear friend. I am happy I met her and Christelle. Thanks guys!

This is a tin album kit from The Shabby Princess. I enjoyed doing this!

Chatting Site

I have this friend online who said that he frequently visits the Dallas Chat and the Houston Chat in the She said that it is so nice to be in that site! She enjoyed a lot whenever she was there. If you are curious and want to have fun you can go to to experience the fun that my friend experienced. You might bumped with my friend there. She is there 24/7. hehehehhe! She is really a chat addict! She also told me that being in San Antonio is such a fun place. You'll have the fun in everything you see in that place. So if you want you can also join my friend at and enjoy ok?

Good Luck and have fun!


... finally my first time to buy online via my own paypal! I am really really happy! Here's what I bought for the first time using my own paypal money.

I know I am digital scrapping addict! hahahhaha!


Wow I belong in 1997! I love that year!

You Belong in 1997

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!


I so love to go to Sea World and just enjoy the day watching dolphins and sea creatures. I love beaches specially the ocean. I was raised by my parents to love the ocean. I also love to eat sea foods and fish. So If ever someone can buy me the Seaworld Tickets, that'll be the best Christmas gift I will ever have! I am imagining myself with the dolphins because dolphins are my favorites. I am playing with them and feeding them, hugging and kissing them! Oohhh! It is so exciting!

So would you like to buy me one? Please? Pretty please?


I had so much fun clicking away those siggys from sweet shoppe designs. Yes they are back! The click a sig is back! And the goodies are fabulous! I really love it!

So go now to the forum and start clicking siggys like these.

Blue Flower

Wow I am a blue flower! This is so different! Come on do try this one! Find what Color of flower are you.

You Are a Blue Flower

A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance.
At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower.
And at other times, you are wise like an iris.
And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea.

Back Rack

I can't think of a nice gift for dad this Christmas. Maybe I will just search the net today and hopefully will find a good one for him.

Oh wow! just my luck I bumped into this site that offers backrack and that is one perfect gift for him since he was complaining last week about his old backrack. I was so happy to find this site. I will just finalize everything and buy this one. I hope dad will like it! And i also hope that it will fit into his car!

Guys if you are in search for an accessory for your car for for someone else's car you can go to They have a wide variety for truck accessories for you! And this will be a perfect Christmas gift for yourself and for someone.

Good Luck in browsing and buying!

I still have COLDS

Damn this!! I hate being sick! I can't do home chores, do blogging well, and I just feel lame! I really really hate being sick! I need to take meds now so that tomorrow I will be ok.

OK whats up with me? Hmmmm... not yet finished doing gift shopping. I still don't have a gift for my Mania and Jun's Manita for our Christmas Party. I hope Honey will have time tomorrow or on Sunday for some gift shopping. I badly need to accomplish those things. It gives me headache by just thinking of it! Aaaack!!!

About my scrapping... no output yet. I bought the tin album set from the shabby shoppe and I already made 3 tin can album out of those. I am just finishing the packaging so that I can take a picture of it. The other one was already finished and I gave it to my friend already. I will show it to you later. The other two are my gifts for my nephews so I won't post it yet until I gave it to them.

So what we're your plans this Christmas? Does your gifts already wrapped? Share it to me.

Meeting New friends

I went home early yesterday because I will be preparing to go to the mall. Yes I am all alone. Hubby is in Manila yesterday so I was left alone to go shopping for gifts. I leaved the house at 3:30 pm and went to LCC to buy a casing for my cellphone. The keypad is already damaged because of my nephew. hehehhehe! I got the pink one instead of the blue one just to be different. And I love it a lot! Look at my new phone!

Yes Huey is on my wallpaper. If I want to remember him I just look at my cellphone. Feels like he was just having a vacation somewhere. :) :)

After buying the cellphone casing I went to the kids apparel to buy some gifts to Jun’s niece. I got her a dress. And then I went already to Gaisano Mall to wait for my friends Eden, Christelle and Mayan. They texted me that they will meet me at 6:30. I just stroll at the mall and window shopped. And then Eden texted me to meet her at National Bookstore. So I went there and after a while they arrived already. It was my first time to meet them kasi I met them online. Mayan was not able to go with them because something came up on her. Oh well next time na lang Mayan! We went to Greenwich to eat our dinner. I had fun talking to them. They are such a nice friends to me. And I am glad I met them. We chit chat about blogging and everything about it. After that we want to stroll at the mall but it is already closing time! My gosh! It is already 8:30! I went home after that.

Here are some of our pics taken at Greenwich.

To my new found friends Christelle and Eden I enjoyed meeting you! I really had fun!

Thanks a lot! Mwuah!

My Friend is Moving

A friend of mine said to her email that they will be moving to New York. She will be continuing her studies there. And I am really happy for her. Their family is waiting for this for a long time already. And they said they can't wait to the movers New York to get their things and finally move to their new home. She loves New York and I can't wait to see pictures of her in that place. Good Luck my friend and Let keep in touch always OK?

Hubby is Back!

Hubby is now back from Manila, I mean Tagaytay. Our bus was rented last Monday by the Digitel Company here in Bicol for their Christmas party in Tagaytay (sosyal!) hehehehhe! I miss him so much. It is only 3 days but I miss him while is not around. Today he came back with GO NUTS DONUTS!!!!!!! woohoo! I really love those donuts!

Thanks Hon for these yummy donuts!

I had this for breakfast but I can’t finish the whole cupcake because it was too sweet and my throat is already aching so I gave it to hubby instead. I need to drink more calamansi juice so that this won’t lead to tonsillitis. I don’t want to get tonsillitis this Christmas specially I need to pig out on sweet foods! hahahahah!

And oh about yesterdays shopping time? Will blog it later.

Christmas Flags

I already decorated our house with some Christmas decorations. I already set up our Christmas Tree and put some basket full of poinsettia and hang the Christmas bells. But I still want to have a christmas flags outside our house so that my decoration will be complete. I found this site that offers flags for Christmas and I am thinking of buying already. So how do your house look like this Christmas? Is your tree already set up? Common show me! please?

Christmas Lists

I am sure you are all busy wrapping your gifts and preparing menus for Chrsutmas eve. I am too is on the stage like that. Christmas is my most favorite season. I love Christmas! i love to give and to receive as well. hahahaha!

I want to make Santa hear me so, Santa can you hear me? I want an xbox 360 this Christmas! hahahahhaha! Santa if you are reading my blog This is what I want this Christmas.

I hope you can grant my wish! hehhehehe!

You? Whats on your list this Christmas?

Diet Pills

Ever since I gave birth to Huey my body didn't go back to what it was like before. I wanted to fit on my old t-shirts and blouses. I tried dieting but it doesn't work for me. I eat less and doesn't work too so I might try those diet pills. Are those safe? Hmmmm... I will think it over. Any of you are using diet pills? Doest it really work?

Little Dreamer Freebie

The store added a new designer... Its Miriam Lima.

She offered a freebie on the site.

Look how beautiful it is! Go grab it now!

Be sure to thank her OK?

Air Purifiers

I have Allergic Rhinitis and having dusts and very strong perfumes really annoys me. It makes me sneeze all the time. And I am living with these allergy for a long time already and I want it to stop or at least lessen. I think having an air purifiers will somewhat lessen those bad air that is in our house. I will tell this to hubby and suggest if we can get one. I hope we can get one next year.


Little Dreamer Designs will have a 12 Days of Christmas SALE!!!!

Did you hear me???? A SALE!!!!! I just wanna repeat that to all of you! hahahhaha!

Starting December 13-25 there will be a SALE on their shoppe. So go now and list down what you are buying. Me? hmmmm will think it over! hahahahha!

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